LEBRAND was created in 2014, out of the need to create the perfect closet, consisting of classic clothes and accessories, responding to the needs of women with different lifestyles and approaches to fashion. Combining tradition with modernity, which will last longer than a few seasons.


Paulina Pyszkiewicz, the brand's founder and creative director, was looking for clothes that would combine timeless elegance with an urban flair, functionality with pleasure and joy. Her goal was to create collections that are timeless and become indispensable elements of everyday closet. Pragmatic approach to clothing, does not exclude a creative approach to classic design.


LEBRAND designs combine contrasts in a modern way: the masculine character of precisely tailored suits and coats is balanced by soft fabrics and delicate colours, and simple, minimalist cuts are complemented by graphic prints or expressive accents on accessories. There are many recurring models in our collections that can be used to create a high-quality closet base that never goes out of fashion. These include suits made from lightweight wool, cotton shirts and denim sets.


Since the beginning, LEBRAND has been guided by the principle of balance in both fashion and everyday life. In respect for the environment, we focus on sustainable production, which we only commission from local sewing factories and traditional, specialised factories. We choose mainly natural materials, such as cotton or linen, or use suppliers who care about meeting ecological standards. We believe that all this adds up to a timeless product, which is an expression of a conscious approach to fashion.