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It is an ode to life on vacation - summer light, the sensation of the sun heating up the skin, the sea breeze. The thought that things couldn't be any better. This unique feeling of being here and now was the main inspiration for the newest High Summer drop.
The ideal setting for the latest arrivals was northern Italy, the area around Lakes Como and Garda. The ease of summer days and the dolce far niente atmosphere were captured by photographer Dorota Szulc, and model Marysia Dębicka that became the main character of our holiday dream - sensual, elusive, languidly enjoying life.
With sun-kissed skin and hot holiday scenery in mind, we created loose sets in delicate cotton muslin. Our bestselling cuts returned in lighter variations. Saturated colours accompany us on warm evenings, while delicate pastels wrap us up during a lazy day. Airy, beach-ready tunics and shirts, or more elegant sets of vests and pleated pants build the perfect holiday closet, being versatile solutions during the getaway.