It comes as no surprise that our spring collection is full of light. You can see it in the light crepe cotton fabrics, neutral tones, delicate, airy silhouettes.

But that doesn’t mean we forget about our roots in modern minimalism and relaxed elegance. The on point, sharp tailoring is also present. Contrats juxtapositions are what keeps the simplicity fresh and gives the classic a modern touch.

We present a realistic approach to summer fantasy - maxi dresses that you can wear all season, various sets you can mix and match, clothes that become your best friends. 

They accompany you through the day - starting with crips, fresh cotton tops, pajamas sets, kimono style dresses in the morning, through smart suits and roomy shirts during working hours, ending with sensual leather and delicate lace for the evening. The signature game between masculine and feminine can be found in the tailored, ivory linen suit paired with an oversized shirt made from soft cotton or flowy top that goes with the formal navy suit pants. The other key element of LEBRAND - leather - is treated in the new way - we used the scraps of leather left from past seasons and sewed them together to create another surprising match - modern patchwork.

The point is to look sharp, yet effortless, comfortable with the soft embrace of quality fabrics, elegant in the most relaxed way.